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SEEN Project

Building Connection & Understanding

Using photography and the subjects' own words, Carissa Sindon documented the lives and aspirations of a cross-section of Boise, Idaho residents.

She invited subjects to a photo shoot for a portrait with an object of their choice. Carissa placed them in alleys to represent the often overlooked nature of city alleyscapes. They filled out three statements to be placed with their images:

I was.....

I am.....

I hope to be.....

Carissa hopes SEEN brings people together, fosters appreciation for one another and our diverse lives, and helps us realize we all have the same fears, hopes, desires, and dreams. This project aims to create an environment where we can learn from and INSPIRE one another. It is Carissa's hope these images provide a space where people can continue to explore and connect with themselves and each other for some time to come.  


Thank you to the courageous people who volunteered to be SEEN subjects:

Harrison Berry, Merete Brown, Tony Caprai, Ester Ceja, Judy Claffey, David Day, Korben Drake, Gemma Gaudette, Ashley Ann Howell, Rebecca Imhoff, Sarah Kent, Gabe Kim, Jennifer Knight, Isaac Lagarda, Pat Larson, Nikki Leonard, Omid Mousa, Abdul Mukomwa, Cayce Myers, Stacy McBain, Anastasia Parkinson, Jenn Siegel, Rochelle Smith, Drew Terry, Corey Turner, Shannon Twenter, Chris Vanderford, and Andrew Wasserstein.

Thank you to the generous souls and local businesses who contributed $100 or more to support this community art project:

Merete Brown, Evermore Prints, Deb Fellows, Andrea & Jamie Finchum, Bob & Nancy Kyte, Jodie Lea, Sita Marion, Casey O'Leary, Amanda Rich, Joey Schueler & Nicole Hanson, Brandi Sindon, Cami & Jeff Sindon, Evie & Ty Sindon, Mary Jean & Chuck Tranfo, Bob Vestal & Jyl Hoyt, and Yoga Tree of Boise.

Much love to my parents, Evie and Ty Sindon, who have supported me in all my endeavors and encouraged me to follow my heart - every child ought to be so lucky.

SEEN was funded in part by a $3,000 grant from Boise City Department of Arts & History. Additionally, over 40 individuals and local businesses contributed matching funding to help bring this project to fruition.

Project Exhibitions:

Evermore Gallery, Boise

(August, 2015)

C.W. Moore Plaza, Boise

(May-July, 2017)

Boise State University

Student Union Trueblood Gallery

(August, 2017)


© Carissa Sindon. All rights reserved.

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