Over $6,000 has been raised to support GRATEFUL. This project is 60% funded! Thank you for your support!

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." ~ Oprah Winfrey

The subject of my third photography project, GRATEFUL is gratitude. I am inspired to create a project that explores gratitude because the more we pay attention to what is right in our worlds, the happier we are. I also hope GRATEFUL helps people come together and appreciate each other by focusing more on the good stuff in life (& there is so much of it!). Thank you for helping this project succeed in spreading some positivity in the Boise community and beyond.

I am photographing 20 diverse people (i.e., race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, class) for this project. I am asking subjects to think of something for which they are grateful. I am taking photographs of subjects and their gratitude. Subjects are also writing about 100 words on why they are grateful. These statements will be placed with the images. GRATEFUL will culminate in an exhibition featuring the images at the Yoga Tree of Boise (1674 W. Hill Rd., Boise, Idaho). Exhibition date to be determined. For those who are unable to attend the exhibition, the images will be available via this website when it is finished.

Ways to support GRATEFUL:

-----Buy some greeting cards featuring my art at my Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/CarissaSindonArt
-----Make a contribution to my Go Fund Me campaign: www.gofundme.com/grateful-photography-project

-----Any of the images on my greeting cards can be turned into a professionally framed piece of art. Contact me via this website for details.
-----Consider a Business Sponsorship. Contact me via this website for details.

Thank you to these generous people for their support:

Business Sponsors: Star Garnet Media, Yoga Tree of Boise,

Project Supporters: Auld Investments, Michael Bianco, Colleen Braun, Jeff Buttars, Nancy Cenell, Du Ann & Michael Chambers, Kim Drake, Dick & Betty Erickson, Connie & Steve Evans, Jim Foudy, Eric Gibson, Kayla Gleason, Jackie Gunn, Janet Houlihan, Allie Jones, Jake & Kristen Jones, Shyla Jones, John Lewinski, Ken Newman & Debbie McClendon, Jennifer Knight, Josh Knight, Peggy & Curry Koehler, Kogler Family, Bob & Nancy Kyte, Lawcynell Gang, Nikki Leonard, Matthews Family, Eileen & Mike McMorrow, Alisha Morris, Chris Mueller, Karing Nial, Brad Potts, Sherry Powelson, John & Darlene Rotell, Joseph Schueler & Nicole Hanson, Jason Sears, Evie & Ty Sindon, Uncle Bob Sprute, Uncle Ed & Carole Sprute, Jemmy & Russell Tipping, Aunt Mary Jean & Uncle Chuck Tranfo, Becca Tranfo, Jesse & Marley Tranfo, Rochelle Troyano, Glen Tulloch, Cara Ucci, Bob Vestal & Jyl Hoyt, Peter & Norma Walker, Susan & Bryan Wilder, Carissa Wolf, Larry & Jeanette Wolf, Mati Young, and many others!     

My $8,000 Budget:

All GRATEFUL exhibitions will be free and open to the public.


a. Administration (recruit and communicate with subjects, promote
project, organize exhibition(s), fundraising, etc.):

(75 hours x $15/hour): $1,125

(165 hours x $15/hour): $2,475 (In-Kind)

b. Artistic:

(20 photo shoots x $200/session):$1,000

$3,000 (In-Kind)

Production Expense (design and print programs for exhibition(s), print images for exhibition(s)): $1,400

Travel (meet subjects for photo shoots,
recruit subjects, transport materials,
promote project):

(700 miles x .58 cents/mile): $406

Marketing/Promotion (design and print business cards, various posters, and invitations to fundraising event and exhibitions(s); three years website hosting; unanticipated marketing expenses): $1,300

Other Operating Expenses (business insurance, greeting cards for fundraising, refreshments for fundraising event and exhibition(s), thank you cards for participants and supporters, postage, office supplies, copies, unanticipated operating expenses): $2,769

TOTAL: $8,000

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