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In GRATEFUL, Carissa Sindon explores and documents with photographic images and written statements, the gratitude of a cross-section of people in our larger Boise community.  She was inspired to create a project about gratitude because the more we pay attention to what is right in our worlds, the happier we are. Carissa also hopes GRATEFUL helps people connect and appreciate each other by focusing more on the good stuff in life because there is so much of it!

Thank you to these awesome people for being subjects in this project and sharing their gratitude with us:

Samuel Acosta, Jerry Atkins, Linda Becker, Michael Bianco, Justin Bridges, Nicole Counter, Gayle Cunningham, April Eichholz, John Hickey, Haley Lavarias, Nathan Lawcynell, Sharmaine McWhite, Karing Nial, John Parsell, Laura Sanchez, Glen Tulloch, Justin Victor, Dimuthi Widanagamage, Carissa Wolf, and Dawn Wolfley.

Thank you to my friends and business sponsors, Jen Knight of the Yoga Tree of Boise, and Bob Vestal and Jyl Hoyt of Star Garnet Media. They have unwaveringly supported my art journey from the beginning.

Thank you to my parents, Evie & Ty Sindon for their love and support. It is this love and support that has allowed me to more easily pursue and accomplish my dream of becoming an artist.

All GRATEFUL exhibitions have been/will be free and open to the public. There is no cost to be a subject in GRATEFUL. This project is funded entirely by the generous support of people like you!

Thank you to these generous people for supporting GRATEFUL:

Business Sponsors: Star Garnet Media, Yoga Tree of Boise

Project Supporters: Auld Investments, Linda Becker, Michael Bianco, Colleen Braun, Jeff Buttars, Nancy Cenell, Du Ann & Michael Chambers, Kim Drake, Dick & Betty Erickson, Connie & Steve Evans, Katie Ford, Jim Foudy, Eric Gibson, Kayla Gleason, Emilee Gomske, Jeana Graff, Jackie Gunn, Janet Houlihan, Allie Jones, Jake & Kristen Jones, Shyla Jones, Jennifer Knight, Josh Knight, Peggy & Curry Koehler, Kogler Family, Bob & Nancy Kyte, Lawcynell Gang, Nikki Leonard, John Lewinski, Makki Family, Matthews Family, Eileen & Mike McMorrow, Mike Medberry, Danielle Mitten, Alisha Morris, Chris Mueller, Ken Newman & Debbie McClendon, Karing Nial, Laurie Parker, Rae Parnmukh, Brad Potts, Sherry Powelson, Rose Renteria, John & Darlene Rotell, Joseph Schueler & Nicole Hanson, Jason Sears, Cami & Jeff Sindon, Evie & Ty Sindon, Jill Singer, Uncle Bob Sprute, Uncle Ed & Carole Sprute, Jemmy & Russell Tipping, Aunt Mary Jean & Uncle Chuck Tranfo, Becca Tranfo, Jesse & Marley Tranfo, Rochelle Troyano, Glen Tulloch, Cara Ucci, Bob Vestal & Jyl Hoyt, Peter & Norma Walker, Susan & Bryan Wilder, Carissa Wolf, Larry & Jeanette Wolf, Mati Young, and many others!    

Project Exhibitions:

Yoga Tree of Boise
(April, 2023)

C.W. Moore Plaza, Boise
(April-July 2023)

© Carissa Sindon. All rights reserved.

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." ~ Oprah Winfrey


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